A gracious welcome to the world of DDYPPPIS where creation of well-developed individual is our foremost aim. It is our aim to make each and every child explore their best.


We aim to provide children with a place where their mind, matter and spirit can coalesce into a seamless continuum and they could turn their life into a rich tapestry that can embellish the world. I proudly acknowledge that  we have ceaselessly strived to answer the question of the time which keeps on reverberating in the mind of every anxious parent that is “ How my child is growing ?”. The fruit of our toil is seen in the form of our budding talents whose fragrance is spreading all around .


The aim of our institution has always being to create successful individuals who not only excel academically but also enjoy a sound physical and spiritual health. They should be adorned with the caliber and virtues which in turn make them boon for not only their families, society, and nation but to this world in general. In the present society which is riddled with distractions, producing focused and successful individuals has become a challenge which we have accepted and being quite successful in winning it. While moving forward in our journey towards the zenith we kept in mind the beautiful and profound statement of Orison Swett Marden which encapsulates the real  meaning of success. “ Success is not measured by what you accomplish, but by the opposition you have encountered, and the courage with which you have maintained the struggle against overwhelming odds,” Our children have been marching ahead against all odds and distractions. We are aware of the fact that every child has innate potential and it is duty of every educational institution to relentlessly strive to provide them with congenial and encouraging environment to bloom. This can be done only if the approach of guidance is child centric with proper individual attention and desired grooming as per the talent of child. We are successfully gratifying the need of the present hour and producing individuals with caliber and values who not only can manage themselves well but also as rising stars show path to others.


This brings me infinite joy to acknowledge that DDYPPPIS, Patna with its readiness, dedication and commitment have started writing a new success story and I can say this with confidence that we will transform the society and will complete our mission to provide jewels to the nation who will embellish the world. It has been our mission to instill perennial values and to provide the best opportunities to the students where their personality will get a platform to grow and branch out in the desired directions. The noble step taken in this direction clearly speaks how the school is ready to focus on enhancing every student’s creativity with strong academic background.


It has been my privilege to have an opportunity to serve the institution and extend my co-operation to the noblest cause of education. I am sure that our collaborative and honest endeavour will end in culmination of our dreams and the school will continue to flourish in leaps and bounds because we have a religious intention and strong conviction to give a wholesome personality to each child under the roof of this illustrious institution.


      DR. C. B. SINGH


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