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The nature of life is to grow. Seeds sprout, DNA unfolds to become a whole organism, cells become tissues, children become adults. The question of the time which keeps on reverberating in the mind of every anxious parent is “How my child is growing?”

A successful person is one who not only excels academically but also enjoys a sound physical and spiritual health adorned with the rare virtues which in turn make him a boon for the family, society, nation and the world as well. In the present society which is riddled with distractions, producing focussed and successful individuals has become a challenge. What the present hour needs is to produce human beings of calibre and values who not only can manage themselves well but also as little drops of water can quench the thirst in dreary deserts.

The future of a nation is created and moulded in the class-rooms. Every child has innate potential waiting for congenial and encouraging environment to bloom which can be done well by schools if the approach of guidance is child centric with proper individual attention and desired grooming as per the talent of child. There is no denying the fact that the direction which the education of a child takes, determines not only the future of a child but also the future of the country.

This brings me boundess joy to announce that DDYPPPIS, Patna has accepted the challenge with a readiness, dedication and commitment to transform the society and has embarked upon the mission to provide jewels to the nation. Yes, this is not a profession but a mission. A mission to instill perennial values and to provide the best opportunities to the students where their personality will get a platform to grow and branch out in the desired directions.

The noble step clearly speakes how the school is ready to focus on enhancing every student's creativity through art, music, writing, theatre, dance, clubs, sports etc with a concrete academic base.

This is my privilege to have an opportunity to serve the institution & extend my co-operation to the cause of education which I consider the most noble one. I am sure an honest endeavour will end in fulfilling culmination and school will flourish leaps and bounds because we have a religious intention and strong conviction to give a wholesome personality to each child under our roof and a numero-uno institution to the state which has been la casa del senor for me since 25 years of honour!