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Our school Cafeteria offers a range of healthy snacks and beverages at affordable prices. Hygienic standards are maintained at all times and children are encouraged to develop healthy eating habits and preferences.

School Band

At DDYPPP we strive for musical excellence and encourage all students to develop their full musical potential. Whether a student is just a beginner or an advanced player, we offer many opportunities for students to participate in learning and creating music with one another. Band students are given many opportunities to showcase their talents throughout the year at school concerts, and in the inter-school band festivals.

Conference Room

The conference hall accommodates the participating pupils in a horseshoe configuration; flexible table design allows for other configurations as well. The room has a motorized screen, data projector, DVD, a computer, a podium, audio inputs, and an Internet connection. DDYPPP Conference Hall has the capacity of 50 participants. It is a popular venue for media events and often hosts receptions associated with different school events, such as workshops, seminars, conferences, project presentations and meetings. We train the students here to conduct different activities and learn to present themselves with confidence inside or outside the school.

Notice Board