Nelson Mandela rightly remarked that our children are the rock on which our future will be built, our greatest asset as a nation. They will be the leaders of our country, the creators of our national wealth who care for and protect our people. They are the most cherished treasure of a strong and prosperous nation and education is the tool which can sharpen their edges and make them the chisel that can mould our tomorrow. In DDYPPPIS it has been our clarion call to provide quality education to all children. We keep in mind that the purpose of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. It is not just to create intelligent individuals but to create an amalgamation of intelligence plus character- that is the goal of true education.


It is our prime concern to ensure student’s poignant growth along with intellectual distinction. We strive to empower them to develop their self-esteem, self-awareness and self-confidence. We aim that while studying at the school, the students will be groomed to become confident, articulate and enlightened young citizen, ready to step into global society with dignity, honour and integrity. We believe in giving our students strong values along with a set of wings which may carry them far and wide. In others words, our students are equipped to face the challenges of the rapidly changing world.


I proudly acknowledge this fact that we have been quite successful in our mission. Our journey has been shorts but emphatic. Our children have blossomed into fragrant flowers whose vivid colours and sweet smell is appreciated wherever they go. They are marching ahead proudly in the journey of success carrying with them ethos which they inculcated here. This happened because of committed and supportive management, dedicated teachers, caring and co-operative parents blent harmoniously to create a child-centric platform.


Collaboration is our hallmark. I am very sure through collaborative effort we can achieve more to benefit our students who are the leaders of tomorrow.


With sincere regards and gratitude

     Radhika Kizhakkumkara



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