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Taekwondo is a traditional Korean martial art. It makes the children not only physically and mentally stronger but also helps to develop concentration and memory. It boosts self confidence, self esteem and sense of respect and courtesy. Seeing its importance in students life, DDYPPPIS took initiative to train their students under the best trainers of the city.


Mountaineering is one sport that offers strenuous physical activity and can be a great motivator for staying fit. Mountaineering offers aerobic exercises which improve cardio-vascular fitness in participants and can reduce body fat. This can occur not only on the climb, but also while training for mountaineering. At DDYPPPIS we have created an artificial mountaineering wall and training provided by the expert trainers.


In recent days archery is one of the most popular sport in India and its demand is increasing amongst the children so we plan to introduce it not only for physical strength, focus, flexibility and attention skills of DYPSITES but also to compete with the advanced archers for broader participation on different levels of competition.

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