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Dr. Sanjay Kumar Sinha


Our singular endeavor is to make children creative, confident and articulate – children who are prepared to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

I am indeed grateful

to the management of Dr. D.Y. Patil Pushapalata Patil International School to have entrusted me with a responsibility to lead a motivated and dedicated team of teachers, administrative staff and enthusiastic students. As an educator and an instructional leader, I am deeply passionate about inspiring and enabling children to evolve to be well-rounded, compassionate and successful human beings. Here at Dr D Y Patil School, we aim to collaboratively design, implement and administer the effective delivery of the international curriculum while adopting a student-centred approach. We believe in the power of community and look forward to working in synergy with all the three stakeholders i.e students, parents, and educators. We are confident that we will uphold our school’s vision and strive to the best of our ability to advance our practices as a progressive international school. We are committed to helping young students find their path through conversations and counselling.

With the rapid increase in knowledge and the zillions of options available, sometimes as educationists we tend to get puzzled about what we should provide to our children; however, Our school’s acclaimed education system directs us to get our priorities right. Our intention and efforts are coupled to provide an education that does not tire the child but refreshes him as it takes cognizance of his emotional well-being; an education that makes him an active seeker of knowledge, an education that enhances his compassion for each and every member of this ecosystem.

We know that, as parents, you care about your child more than anyone, but we believe we come in a close second. Dr. D Y Patil Pushapalata Patil International School is one of the foremost centres of learning across the nation. It has top-rated facilities and has been consistently delivering outstanding results and student success stories. An extraordinary experience awaits your child at DDYPPPIS. To find out more and to obtain first-hand information, I would like to invite you to visit us on campus, where you will receive a warm welcome.

“Do not confine your children to your own learning, for they were born in another time.”

We believe that true wisdom is the ability to listen to your heart and that each child's self-esteem, dignity, physical and emotional wellbeing must be cultivated with the same importance as that given to academic and material success. The educational needs of today are very different from those of the past because of growing competition and with the progress of science and technology. The students must be equipped with the skills required to face the challenges of future. They can do it easily if we can make the surrounding stimulating and purposeful.

Inculcating the right values systems and character building is a prerequisite for our children to take on the world with knowledge and competence. I shall endeavour to ensure that students of Dr. D.Y. Patil Pushapalata Patil International School pursue their dreams in a safe, secure and healthy environment.

With sincere regards and gratitude

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