Privacy Policy For Mobile App

  • We collect the photograph of the visitor to the school using mobile camera. We also use the camera to upload the homeworks by clicking the blackboard or printed text.
  • We use the visitor photograph to issue passes and keeping their information in the database for cross-reference later. Homeworks are also kept in the database in the form of pictures for parents or students to access.
  • We access the information using the admin app incase of visitor photographs and details and for homeworks we use the parent app to access the information.
  • We collect the serial no and manufacturing IMEI no. of the mobile used.
  • We use the information to further verify that the registered user is using the app so that the communication is secure.

Get account We collect the email id of the user We use this information for Google services like maps, GCM etc.

Request For Admission

For any admission related query, please provide your contact number, one of our team member will get back to you soon !

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